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What It Takes To Branch Out

“People do not quit jobs, they quit their boss.” – Robert Montenegro.

Deciding to be a business owner is well, it’s kind of madness. I’ve worked in many roles under owners and said, “Why do you do this?” 

“This” meaning, the stress, responsibility, and struggle of keeping a business afloat, through good and bad, so that you can keep others afloat while maintaining happy clients and customers. Being an entrepreneur is different for everyone and is sold by many great minds as “owning your future,” “following your WHY,” (I love Simon Sinek) or “taking control of your life.” I think the reason most people become a business owner is because they are truly committed to what they are passionate about…and of course, the idea of being the next big, BEST business. You don’t start a company to be KIND OF successful or mediocre, right?

My belief and drive is that, Like ALWAYS Attracts Like; being surrounded by people that believe in BEING A GOOD HUMAN as much as I do. When we started The Branch, we knew that this belief alone would drive the brand, the people, and the clients. I was also nervous (and still am) that the “gooey factor” of Being A Good Human would be too much or not taken seriously but I BELIEVE in it. 

Treat people well. Do the Right Thing (because People Deserve That Much). Be Honest. Do What You Say You Are Going to Do and Do It Well. Be Thoughtful, Smart and Direct. Be Real. 

On paper, truthfully, it is a bit much, but when you apply this philosophy to relationships, both external and internal, everyone wins.

I never truly found that with an organization, and it became too important to me. I wanted more and needed honesty. The decision was challenging but is also getting easier, more fun, and more exciting each and every day.

Being a business owner is a commitment to entry level insanity for the sake of performing business and following your passion in a way that suits your values, goals and beliefs while temporarily risking your income, losing your existing co-worker and client relationships, and walking away from all of the things you built for someone else's business.

These decisions and separations should be mutually supportive in an ideal world but realistically, they hurt for everyone, whether they admit it or not. We have ALL been there. When you commit to the decision of starting your own company, you must be all in. As a matter of fact, your entire team must be. You don’t just kind of do it or just sit and see what happens. I was ready for that commitment, the timing made sense, and I was lucky enough to have others believe in the vision. LIKE attracted LIKE and thus, The Branch came to life and we are able to treat people well with innovative and honest solutions.

I personally come to The Branch with 10+ years of mingled operations, marketing, advertising, (some really awesome craft cocktail skills), and branding knowledge. I own a raw commitment to our clients, their business, and our team’s success. One does not thrive without the other. 

It is through creative, honest, smart, and transparent ideas that campaigns win and clients remain happy. I have had the privilege of launching new brands and the joy of bringing existing brands an elevated and current appearance online, in print, and through production. There is not a single piece of marketing that does not excite me.

I apply my unique skill set and keen eye for detail and communication to everything I do. We aren’t successful without your success. I look forward to talking to you about your story and goals.

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