Is Hiring an Agency Right for You?

Is Hiring an Agency Right for You?

Being a business owner means doing everything you can to make sure your business is successful. You are responsible for providing for your team and business in so many ways, it’s easy to lose track of your priorities. Your list includes making sure your team and customers are happy, your sales are on track and increasing month over month, your leaders and managers are taking care of business in a manner that aligns with your vision…and that’s just to name a few tasks on your plate!

Start with one question: who takes care of your marketing initiatives?

Hiring a team member is one of the most costly investments you make. When it comes to hiring someone to spearhead your marketing and advertising, the importance of finding the right person is only magnified. Before you hire in-house, ask yourself, “Is hiring a marketing agency a better investment?”

Three Touch-points to Consider When Deciding to Hire an Agency

1. Money: Full- service marketing agency doesn’t mean expensive. Full service simply means if you need it, we make it happen. Full service at The Branch also means that we are an extension of your team. We believe that a successful marketing campaign is managed through a specific point of contact to ensure brand consistency and cohesive strategy. Marketing specialists understand the moving parts and pieces of your campaigns and advising on where, why, and how you should allocate your budget to get the most return. We couple this with being aware of and thinking about your budget at all times; money in and money out.

If you are a business owner without a team in place or are a small business owner, hiring an agency will remove overhead cost. Hiring just one in-house person means investing time and money for training, managing, creating office space, and paying additional payroll. While there are, of course, a time and a place for in-house marketing roles, you must identify where hiring fits into your company goals.

Meet with an agency and research which options are available to you. Discuss your goals—an honest agency will guide you in the right direction.

2. Time: Time is always a battle, and marketing involves many time-consuming tasks! An agency’s responsibility is to listen to your goals, dissect, and present the opportunities and strategies across all available marketing avenues to ultimately achieve your goals. Agencies often have established relationships in the community to help identify and leverage the best advertising opportunities for your business.

With an experienced, and ideally local, agency by your side, you have a personal marketing assistant to help execute the items you need. This assistance allows you to save time on marketing and focus your efforts on building your team and creating new opportunity with little risk and lots of reward.

3. Experience: More than creators, advertising agencies are experienced researchers and analysts on the hunt for the WHY. Backed by the opportunity of working with several different clients in a variety of industries over years of experience, agencies come with experience. Hiring an agency invites an outside perspective and a cohesive team of professionals committed to their craft. It’s about the people and their experience and drive that back the agency—no matter what year the agency was established. Their experience extends beyond the agency. Get to know the team. Narrow down your agency selections and interview them just like you would a new hire.

Interview the agency

Do your research. When making most decisions (thanks to Google and social media), we look for what others are saying. Be specific and ask for what you want during your hunt for an agency.

Put the agency through a similar process of hiring a new employee:

  1. Review their portfolio of work
  2. Call one to three client references
  3. Follow up with two to four current vendors
  4. Ask your existing vendors what they know about the agency
  5. Do an online search to see what others are saying

If you are looking to hire a marketing agency, The Branch is here for you. As an extension of your existing marketing team or as your exclusive marketing team, we come with over 20 years of traditional and digital marketing experience to help your business step up and stand out.

Ready to start a conversation? Reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

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